Video; the coming attraction

It isn’t hard to see why companies and other organizations need to know a lot more than they do today about using video. Cisco Systems says video will make up 80 percent of global internet traffic within the next three years with enough video being shared each month to take one of us five million years to watch it all. Think about how much of that video is in the form of advertising or sales-related information. The organization that isn’t using video to its full extent by 2020 will be left behind; can your outfit afford to be one of the laggards?

studioartsIf these predictions are enough to move you to action, guess how many video views Facebook now generates per day?  According to Mark Zuckerberg, the answer is 8 Billion. Then there is Snapchat and YouTube and more. Each year, the numbers climb dramatically.

What do you have to learn and to implement to avoid being left out of the video loop? First, your organization has to find out, if it doesn’t already know, how to create the videos that will sell your products or promote your services or explain your offerings through video manuals and the like. Then it has to build the resources to produce these vids. And, then, it has to learn where to place the results so they will reach the right people in the largest numbers possible.

Creation of videos can be done by contracted production companies or in-house. Regardless of who shoots the videos, you will need your own stars of the shows. This means training people within your organization to be professional-grade spokespersons. You’ll need knowledgeable reps who will look highly credible on social media, on mobile devices as well as bigger screens. They will have to learn how to distribute your messaging to the right audiences, both B-B and B-C.

You  will have to step up your recruiting, not only of visible corporate spokespersons, but also external influencers who will promote your products, services and your brand on their videos.

There is a whole new mindset necessary for a corporation or government agency or non-profit or charity that recognizes video as the new ballgame for its advertising, promotion and information creation and distribution. Copy writing, while still a staple, is giving way to moving pictures; is your business ready for all those digital silver screens. It’s time and even past time to get learning and shooting.