Goldhawk’s newest client; children’s theatre with a big heart

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A Sesqui celebration across Canada in 50 minutes; Suitcase Theatre performs for priority schools

Our Goldhawk Group Canada is proud and happy to announce that our latest client, Suitcase Theatre, has just passed a milestone by investing more than $100,000 into underserved areas across the GTA. We join Suitcase Theatre Executive Director Lucie Grys in thanking big-hearted sponsors for supporting the company since it was founded in 2013.

The theatre was founded by Stuart Gilchrist, original producer and creator of Mr. Dressup, one of Canada’s longest running children’s television shows. Named because of its portability, Suitcase Theatre has played to audiences at daycares, schools, hospitals, community centres, festivals and special events. The theatre also runs after-school programs, camps and class workshops that focus on drama, improvisation, comedy, singing, dancing and the visual arts.

Suitcase Theatre is funded by sponsors, grants, donations and paid performances and uses much of this income to deliver free performances to about 25,000 children in lower income communities, said Mrs. Grys.

“We are proudest of the fact our free performances now total more than $100,000 in value contributed to and invested in this large number of children in the GTA,” said Mrs. Grys. “We have donated performances to 88 schools and classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, plus three visits to Sick Kids Hospital and many of these schools have invited us back.”

Suitcase Theatre’s latest production is a musical play, ‘All Aboard, an Adventure Across Canada for Kids, a musical journey across Canada celebrating the Sesquicentennial anniversary in 50 minutes of singing, dancing and narration.