Releases aren’t worth the paper…

The news release or ‘press release’ – misnamed because tv, radio and the Internet are not ‘press’ – is a common tool used by public relations people to prompt media into covering their clients’ stories. But it is a poorly-used tool that fell out of favour quite a few years ago.

A news release still can be effective, but the chances of an average release finding its way through reporters, editors and other screeners and into print or broadcast news are extremely remote. In most cases, news releases are thrown, unread, into the garbage or the trash. There are many more effective ways of interesting the news media in your story such as calling journalists, staging events, enlisting supporters with built-in credibility, buying advertisements, employing YouTube and other social media and so on. News releases can be used but should be viewed as just one more tool in the kit to be tried with low expectations for success.

Typical releases often miss the key points or ‘angles’ of the stories. They are general and usually incredibly boring. No wonder editors and reporters don’t bother reading these things. The return on investment ranks with buying stock in coal mines.

A well-written, concise news release may get attention. It is best to follow the sending of such a release with a phone call or one line email to the editor and/or reporter to whom the release was sent. Or you can spend a small fortune to place your release with a news distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing service like Canada Newswire. Don’t rely on this either, because your chances of having any of your releases used are likely less than 5 per cent.