Dale Goldhawk

Dale Goldhawk spent  48 years in the media fighting for the rights of consumers and individual Canadians to get fair deals and justice. He has been deeply involved – and often the featured personality – in numerous crises. He has been a print reporter, magazine writer, book author, broadcast reporter, broadcast host in radio and TV, union leader, and one of Canada’s best-known consumer advocates and human rights activist.

Goldhawk now devotes his time fighting back for charities he has supported for many years.

He is the Chairman-elect of Alzheimer’s Disease International, assuming his duties as Chair in the Spring of 2021. ADI represents more than 100 member countries in the fight against dementia.

Goldhawk is a past President of the Alzheimer Society of Canada and now serves as an Honorary Patron of ASC.

Goldhawk is also a member of the Board of Directors at Ontario Shores Mental Health Sciences Centre, one of four major mental health hospitals in Ontario.


He can be reached at dgoldhawk@rogers.com