Public Relations

Our group provides public relations advice and services to non-profits, charities, startup companies and any other organization that requires PR on a long-term basis, for specific projects or to deal with emergencies.  Our partners have many years experience supplying excellent public relations advice and service to organizations through Canada and beyond. Several are highly experienced media relations and presentation trainers. We have a superb network of PR and media professionals on whom we can call when we need extra hands and brains in locations across the country.

Our rates – quoted by the hour, day, week or annually – are highly competitive and can be adjusted to your budget.

While we provide advice and services for any PR requirements, we are experts in dealing with crises. Our partners have been on ‘both sides’ during local and national crises working with media to cover such situations and on the organization’s side to ameliorate the damage as much as possible. We know what works and what doesn’t when the world becomes a dangerous place for the corporate reputation.

Long-term PR: The Group provides all the organization’s public relations needs on a contract basis for months or permanently. Long-term service can fill your needs during lengthy abprsence of key internal staff, during startup or for any need lasting more than a few months.

Short-term PR: The Group can provide any or all our PR services on a short-term basis during appropriate terms of from a few hours for specific work to days, weeks or up to a few months on or off site. We handle PR during special events, launches, employee leaves of absence and for other limited-term needs with record-fast ‘getting-up-to-speed’ times.

PR Training: The Group  trains staff within a small or medium business to handle the PR needs of the company. You can use a current marketing or sales staffer part time and economically to handle media requests, write basic news releases, prepare execs for media interviews and to call on us when added support is needed. We’ll train him or her and keep contact unless and until advanced services are required.