Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: It can happen to any company or other organization; a crisis hits threatening internal disruptions, work stoppages, closures, financial losses, employee dissatisfaction, customer problems, regulatory intrusion and hits to your image and reputation. We provide full service crisis communications support in such instances, including working with lawyers, environmental companies, government and others, handling communications with the public, employees, customers and others, and planning for current and future protection of the corporate image and reputation. We are Canada’s experts in crisis crisisquotecommunications management.

Crisis Prevention: The Group’s Team works  with the organization to pinpoint your potential for crises. We suggest ways of heading off crises whenever possible or methods of dealing with a crisis, start to finish, in case one ever occurs. Once your crisis prevention plan is in place, our media monitoring service can track your industry to help give you early warning of a possible impending problem. And we are available immediately if a crisis does affect your organization.

Experience: Our Team Leaders have wide experience dealing with crises of many kinds. We have been involved in crises from both sides – covering for media and managing communications for organizations.  We have experience with fatal fires, explosions, food poisoning, corporate and other crime, contaminated soil, paper mill problems, product failures and so on, across a number of industries and across Canada.

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