Public Relations

Public Relations: The Group provides expert public relations services to companies that either do not have their own ‘PR’ functions or need supports for internal PR. Supports can include such services as: public relations planning, interview coaching and preparation for executives, crisis communications, news release writing, speech and report writing, media monitoring, training of internal PR staffers and so on. We provide monitoring of Internet and/or print publprications for client mentions and related news and information. We provide daily, before 9 a.m., monitoring at competitive rates.

We provide excellent Media Training specific to your organization – using your messaging and your products as topics in our true-to-life interview practice. We have more than 20 years of national and international experience training some of the most senior people in industry and government to deal very successfully with news and information trade and mass media.

Long-term PR: The Group  provides all the organization’s public relations needs on a contract basis for months or permanently. Long-term service can fill your needs during lengthy absences of key internal staff, during startup years or for any need lasting more than a few months.

Short-term PR: The Group can provide any of the above services on a short-term basis during appropriate terms of from a few hours for training sessions to days, weeks or up to a few months on or off site. We’ll handle PR during special events, launches, employee leaves of absence and for other limited-term needs with the fastest ‘getting up to speed’ times on record.

PR Training: The Group  trains staff within small and medium businesses to handle the immediate PR needs of the company. Use a current marketing or sales staffer part time and economically to handle media requests, write basic news releases, prepare execs for media interviews and to call on us when added support is needed. We train him or her and keep contact in case advanced services are required.

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