Journalism: Innovative news and information websites, TV and Radio broadcasters and print publishers are springing up to compete with traditional sources. If you are a New Media creator without the resources to staff your outlet fully, we can help. We are highly experienced media experts who can write, shoot, edit, manage and help develop your creation no matter how leading edge it is. We also come to the aid of beleaguered traditional broadcasters and publishers who no longer have staff to do all their work. We support both traditional and New Media with traditional and cutting edge resources including:

  • Reporting and editing for newspapers
  • Writing of magazine articles
  • Research
  • Broadcast television: news and information programming: format, writing, editing
  • Broadcast radio: news and information programming, format, writing, editing
  • Film and Video: copy writing, editing
  • Ghost writing: books, Op-Ed and other articles, manuals, etc.