Media Relations

Media Relations: The organization’s relationship with media often constitutes an important function of its own. The Group works with news and information media (from social media and news websites to newspapers, magazines, television and radio news and information to documentary makers and book authors) on a routine basis; we know who’s who and what’s what. We can put you next to the trade or mass media of all kinds.

Media Training: We can train executives, sales and marketing staff and engineers and technical staffers to succeed in media interviews and other interactions. We train, coach and prepare spokespersons for all interviews so you put your best face forward imedian any kind of media situation. We provide excellent media relations training to spokespersons in half-day or full-day sessions depending on the number of participants. We recommend half day training for up to 3 spokespersons and a full day for 4 and more spokespersons. Our training provides your delegates with a good knowledge of how the media interacts with your industry and, of course, instruction and practice in media interviews. Nothing is ‘generic’; our training is specific to your organization and its products and services.

Media productions: The Group’s Video Unit produces interviews starring executives, marketers and other staff speaking with Dale or other notable interviewers and distributes these throughout social media. Use your interview videos and mini-docs at your meetings, conventions or remote sales calls. We’ll make and distribute video news releases. We’ll even produce corporate documentaries to immortalize your corporate image digitally. Read more here.

Social Media: The Group provides basic training in the use of Social Media to establish and promote the organization’s image and reputation and to use Social Media in Crisis situations. Social media is included in our other media and journalistic services including video production, marketing and advertising, writing and other skills in this area.

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