Public Speaking

DalelecternWe provide public speaking training and coaching. We train execs and staffers to speak as pros at meetings, conventions and other occasions. We coach speakers for upcoming individual events. We even research and write superlative speeches for your spokespeople.

Every organization should have spokespersons who can deliver speeches effectively. This means speakers who look interesting and even exciting on stage while being comfortable in their surroundings. This means speakers who not only know their subjects but know how to deliver the most important points in ways that highlight the organization’s messages. This means speakers who can live with the latest projection gear and the newest iteration of PowerPoint. And this means speakers who know the downfalls of bad PowerPoint – one of the key faults of today’s addresses.

We provide speaker training that, in half-day and full-day sessions, teaches individual spokespersons or groups from the organization to prepare for speeches and to speak extremely well in front of any size audiences from in-house seminars to international conferences. Sessions deal with your organization’s topics and give spokespersons time to practice with videotaped feedback.

Dale Goldhawk and others in GGC are available to speak to groups on a variety of topics including: crisis communications, public protests, tracking down consumer crooks, media training, video and social media, etc.

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