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Crisis Com, by journalists and consultants Dale Goldhawk and Gary Ralph, brings understanding to crisis communications in organizations. Get detailed advice on how to prepare the organization for crises. Learn to stop, limit and handle the crisis as it happens and grows. A definitive treatise and how-to book on organizational crisis co-written by two experts. A real-life look at surviving crises.      

An excerpt from Crisis Com

Communications Setup

Appoint a crisis communications manager with an appropriate title

Train the crisis communications manager to head the approach to an organizational crisis

The crisis communications manager assesses the potential for crises in the organization

The manager develops a 5W / 2H form and distributes to all relevant managers

  • Who would be involved in or affected by each potential crisis? (ie:
  • employees, distributors, resellers, customers…)
  • What could create crises in your area of responsibility? (ie: severe
  • weather, mechanical breakdown, computing hack of customer
  • information…)
  • When would each Who be affected by each crisis? (ie: immediate, within
  • hours, day, month…)
  • Where would each crisis create effects on Whos geographically / in supply
  • chain (Municipality, province, nation, internationally – countries…
  • company offices, customer offices, homes…)?
  • Why would each crisis be possible? (ie: in earthquake zone, older plant,
  • lack of trained staff…)
  • How – details of the Ws (list known causes and effects of potential crises)
  • How Much – (quantities: estimate, if possible, number of people potentially affected, amount of potential losses…)

The manager develops a 5W / 2H form to list and describe all potential crises

The manager requests necessary resources as part of the Crisis Analysis (b)

The manager provides the Crisis Analysis to CEO

The CEO pledges support to the manager during a crisis affecting the organization

The manager creates a team to prepare the organization for possible crises

The manager briefs team members regarding crisis activity with training if required

The manager identifies and facilitates crisis communications training for spokespersons

Crisis team prepares guidelines for crisis communications

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