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Crisis Com, by journalists and consultants Dale Goldhawk and Gary Ralph, brings understanding to crisis communications in organizations. Get detailed advice on how to prepare the organization for crises. Learn to stop, limit and handle the crisis as it happens and grows. A definitive treatise and how-to book on organizational crisis co-written by two experts. A real-life look at surviving crises.      

An excerpt from CHAPTER ONE

Your crisis potential

Your company has been hacked by North Korea and the personal data of a legion of your customers is being held for ransom to be paid in Bitcoin.

You run a large electric equipment supply service; two of your high voltage workers, high on newly legalized marijuana, apparently goofed while installing equipment that subsequently shorted out causing widespread disruption in a major city.

Your company has bought a large subsidiary along with all its assets. Too bad these included a large industrial site contaminated with years of toxic chemical buildup. Now, government is demanding a cleanup that will extend to an adjoining residential area.

Speaking of government, you help lead a branch of government that is planning a new highway route that threatens the very existence of a small, but beloved, town along the route.

Imagine your shock if a senior staff member in your non-profit organization were to be arrested and charged with sexual assault of a minor taking part in an organization event or your CEO was sued by a number of women citing harassment and sexual assault.

Your insurance company employer has seemed heartless in denying a claim from a widow; your hospital has screwed up treatment of a patient; your government agency has denied benefits to a disabled man; your local government is digging a huge pit in a former cornfield…. And it all becomes or threatens to become public!

The list goes on – depressingly.

What to do? What to do?  What can you do if your company, government, non-profit or charity do when facing a crisis that may turn into a catastrophe? The good news is there is a lot you can do. The bad news is that much of it is not easy to do – unless you have learned and planned well in advance of the roof caving in.

Of course, it can’t happen to you, can it? You are a superb manager, a talented executive, a consummate planner. Your ‘people’ are professionals who never put a foot wrong. Your company has been around awhile; your customers are loyal; your products are the greatest…  Get over yourself.

A crisis can hit any organization, any time. Disaster can hit and be over with the speed of light or drag on until your company, government, non-profit or charity has been dragged to the depths and beyond.








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