Releases aren’t worth the paper…

The news release or ‘press release’ – misnamed because tv, radio and the Internet are not ‘press’ – is a common tool used by public relations people to prompt media into covering their clients’ stories. But it is a poorly-used tool that fell out of favour quite a few years ago. A news release still can be effective, but the chances of an average release … Continue reading Releases aren’t worth the paper…

Goldhawk’s newest client; children’s theatre with a big heart

A Sesqui celebration across Canada in 50 minutes; Suitcase Theatre performs for priority schools Our Goldhawk Group Canada is proud and happy to announce that our latest client, Suitcase Theatre, has just passed a milestone by investing more than $100,000 into underserved areas across the GTA. We join Suitcase Theatre Executive Director Lucie Grys in thanking big-hearted sponsors for supporting the company since it was … Continue reading Goldhawk’s newest client; children’s theatre with a big heart

Ignorance, Arrogance, Obliviousness

Two recent highly publicized pronouncements show that you have to be cautious about every statement you make in public and that you might never completely recover from a monumental gaffe no matter how many times you apologize. One group of statements were by Oscar Munoz, head of United Airlines which experienced the manhandling of a passenger caught in an overbooking mess and  captured on a … Continue reading Ignorance, Arrogance, Obliviousness

Answering ‘the’ call

When news media call, who answers? Every company should think about responding to calls from media and other people off the beaten path. How often might an average company get such calls – once in a blue moon. How often are media calls crucial to the company – every single time. Much more important than who fields that call is how the recipient handles the … Continue reading Answering ‘the’ call

False News

What is ‘false news?’  Some might define the term as “almost everything out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” but the truth is that false new is nothing new. It has been a feature of the mass media since the concept of news was born. False news is simply something that did not happen. The purposes of false news range from making the perpetrator feel more powerful … Continue reading False News

Trump tweeting

Donald Trump has illustrated, to the point of disaster, the perils of using social media in attempts to promote a business and to protect a brand. His early morning tweets may have reinforced the adoration of his base – the customers he already has. The tweets also have held him up to global ridicule and exposed him and his Administration to investigation and, potentially, legal … Continue reading Trump tweeting

The Kellie Leitch video

In late February, 2017, Kellie Leitch’s campaign released a videotape that swiftly went viral and became the prime example of how not to produce a video to promote anyone or any thing. Over eight minutes, Leitch looked like a spaced-out weird and wired flower child musing on the alignment of the planets in the Trappist 1 System. Apparently, she was trying to tell us what … Continue reading The Kellie Leitch video

Media strategy

Two major communications gaffes were highlighted in the news media in Canada and the U.S. during the week of February 8, 2017. One was the reaction of Tim Horton’s executives to interview requests from the Globe and Mail; the other was the decision of the Trump Administration to bar leading media outlet reporters from a White House press briefing. Both decisions, according to reports in … Continue reading Media strategy

Your angle?

Quite often, our principle media trainer opens a class by asking his business executive students, “What is the most important thing you want to say to the media about your company today?” The answer, almost always, is “Our company is a forward-thinking leader in our business space with best-of-class products and outstanding service.”  In other words, the students’ angle is a line direct from the … Continue reading Your angle?