Do the herky-jerky

Whenever I’m interviewing somebody or watching someone being interviewed on television, I often marvel at the gyrations being performed, along with the words being spoken. I should say this is also an affliction suffered by some TV hosts who find it either attractive or compulsory to engage in gesticulation.  But unless you are explaining, step-by-step, how to climb a tree or demonstrating how you caught that … Continue reading Do the herky-jerky

“Hey. Good question”

Even if you believe the interviewer really did ask a good question, keep it to yourself.  Maybe it was the very question you hoped would be asked so you could deliver your important message. But journalists can be a suspicious lot.  The greener ones will take the compliment about the ‘good question’ and feel more kindly toward the interviewee.  Maybe.  The craggier ones will think … Continue reading “Hey. Good question”

Fake news

It’s the latest invective political pundits and political morons throw at each other during those live panel debates on TV.   Fake news is big news.  Google it and you get more than 14 million hits.  Donald Trump (who knows a thing or two about faking) didn’t invent fake news but his behaviour and prevarications produce an internet manure that helps fake news grow big and … Continue reading Fake news