What they won’t print

Print media don’t publish everything even when they do publish versions of your news releases; so what’s the point of writing down stuff that will never get into a newspaper, new website or broadcast script? The other day I saw my ten millionth news release that began with the expression, “We are pleased to announce…”  Other versions of this include, “We are proud to announce…: … Continue reading What they won’t print

Releases aren’t worth the paper…

The news release or ‘press release’ – misnamed because tv, radio and the Internet are not ‘press’ – is a common tool used by public relations people to prompt media into covering their clients’ stories. But it is a poorly-used tool that fell out of favour quite a few years ago. A news release still can be effective, but the chances of an average release … Continue reading Releases aren’t worth the paper…

Goldhawk’s newest client; children’s theatre with a big heart

A Sesqui celebration across Canada in 50 minutes; Suitcase Theatre performs for priority schools Our Goldhawk Group Canada is proud and happy to announce that our latest client, Suitcase Theatre, has just passed a milestone by investing more than $100,000 into underserved areas across the GTA. We join Suitcase Theatre Executive Director Lucie Grys in thanking big-hearted sponsors for supporting the company since it was … Continue reading Goldhawk’s newest client; children’s theatre with a big heart

False News

What is ‘false news?’  Some might define the term as “almost everything out of Donald Trump’s mouth,” but the truth is that false new is nothing new. It has been a feature of the mass media since the concept of news was born. False news is simply something that did not happen. The purposes of false news range from making the perpetrator feel more powerful … Continue reading False News

Media strategy

Two major communications gaffes were highlighted in the news media in Canada and the U.S. during the week of February 8, 2017. One was the reaction of Tim Horton’s executives to interview requests from the Globe and Mail; the other was the decision of the Trump Administration to bar leading media outlet reporters from a White House press briefing. Both decisions, according to reports in … Continue reading Media strategy


Online and telephone scams are a serious threat to everyone and to communications in general these days. And they are getting more effective all the time. Usually, online and telephone scammers are phishing – seeking information they can use to pilfer money from bank accounts, extort payments from people or to order products in ‘your’ name that they can then sell to make their illicit … Continue reading Scams

Not out to get you

Here’s some basic information and perhaps some solace for the many executives out there who fear and even hate the news media. They believe journalists are ‘out to get’ whatever industry the executive represents whether it is oil and gas, financial, real estate , sports or even pharmaceuticals and food. In many cases, this fear and loathing is based on ignorance of the job of … Continue reading Not out to get you

“Hey. Good question”

Even if you believe the interviewer really did ask a good question, keep it to yourself.  Maybe it was the very question you hoped would be asked so you could deliver your important message. But journalists can be a suspicious lot.  The greener ones will take the compliment about the ‘good question’ and feel more kindly toward the interviewee.  Maybe.  The craggier ones will think … Continue reading “Hey. Good question”