The Interview beats The Standup

The Interview – it is one of the best tools for building credibility for your brand and for explaining the basics of your Image result for business media interviewproducts and services to huge numbers of potential customers. Every time a newspaper, television or radio reporter asks a company representative for an interview, the firm should throw a party and serve champagne. This is your chance to take your message to the world.

Oops. Too often, this tool is treated like an imposition and raises sheer fear instead of great hope in the breasts of those who might have to undergo The Interview. Too often, the interview is seen as a grilling by an unfriendly journalist instead of what it really can be – the opportunity to tell My Story.

In fact, today a spokesperson for a company, a government agency, a non-profit or a charity doesn’t have to wait for a reporter to come knocking at the door. This spokesperson can have his or her own interview videotaped and put on social media. It certainly beats The Standup in which the spokesperson faces the music alone and so very vulnerable.

The interview is a far better way of getting a message out to the public. Yes, you can stand in front of a logo and talk to the huge audiences of YouTube or other social media sites offering video. But, sitting down – or standing up – with a professional interviewer is not only more effective but much more comfortable. You build credibility when you are seen answering questions, particularly those from a pro who can look reasonably unbiased. You feel less nervous when you have another person to guide you through the session rather than trying to remember and repeat a script. The interview will be edited by the questioner and his/her team with errors removed and ‘cutaway’ reaction shots of the questioner inserted strategically.

Social media provides perfect platforms for well-crafted interviews. Literally, you reach millions of potential customers in a more relaxed, better organized and far more attractive performance.