Answering ‘the’ call

When news media call, who answers? Every company should think about responding to calls from media and other people off the beaten path. How often might an average company get such calls – once in a blue moon. How often are media calls crucial to the company – every single time. Much more important than who fields that call is how the recipient handles the … Continue reading Answering ‘the’ call

Media strategy

Two major communications gaffes were highlighted in the news media in Canada and the U.S. during the week of February 8, 2017. One was the reaction of Tim Horton’s executives to interview requests from the Globe and Mail; the other was the decision of the Trump Administration to bar leading media outlet reporters from a White House press briefing. Both decisions, according to reports in … Continue reading Media strategy

Your angle?

Quite often, our principle media trainer opens a class by asking his business executive students, “What is the most important thing you want to say to the media about your company today?” The answer, almost always, is “Our company is a forward-thinking leader in our business space with best-of-class products and outstanding service.”  In other words, the students’ angle is a line direct from the … Continue reading Your angle?


Online and telephone scams are a serious threat to everyone and to communications in general these days. And they are getting more effective all the time. Usually, online and telephone scammers are phishing – seeking information they can use to pilfer money from bank accounts, extort payments from people or to order products in ‘your’ name that they can then sell to make their illicit … Continue reading Scams

PR can fight fraud

Here’s an idea that combines social media, public relations and doing good works.  Public relations units in companies can use social media read by their fellow employees to warn against frauds that are rife these days. Fraud and particularly the kinds that are flourishing can not only steal money, they can reduce victims to insecure, fearful people. In turn, this is bound to have an … Continue reading PR can fight fraud

Not out to get you

Here’s some basic information and perhaps some solace for the many executives out there who fear and even hate the news media. They believe journalists are ‘out to get’ whatever industry the executive represents whether it is oil and gas, financial, real estate , sports or even pharmaceuticals and food. In many cases, this fear and loathing is based on ignorance of the job of … Continue reading Not out to get you

A near-perfect crisis plan

When a large company absorbs another large enterprise, usually, stock prices rise, investors get excited, top management rejoices and customers look for improvements across the board. But all those positives vibes can mask a big problem that can lead to a whoppingly expensive crisis. Behind the scenes, it is common for the buyer to take over the properties of the seller. An outsider might think … Continue reading A near-perfect crisis plan

Means and ends

The government wouldn’t listen. The company was being savaged in the media. Its local plant was shut  and several hundred workers were at the mercy of bureaucrats including inspectors of their food products. The PR people were frustrated. Suddenly, the PR team became excited and was able to see some light at the end of the really dark and scary tunnel. A ‘source’ told us … Continue reading Means and ends

10 must-haves of your PR crisis manager

These are essential qualities and skills needed by a crisis communications capable public affairs staffer: Ability to communicate: he/she must have the skills and talent to write and speak well under pressure to represent the organization and to guide statements made by others on behalf of the organization during a crisis; Understanding of the ‘bottom line’: he/she must understand business so as to determine the … Continue reading 10 must-haves of your PR crisis manager